Kevin McCloud’s Shed, Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home, Design notes for the self builder

one man and his shed - design
sketch to show how a curved beam might sit in a building.

Kevin is the most experienced client that I’ve worked with and it’s been very interesting collaborating on the design with him. Usually I design the buildings I build but on this project, Kevin produced the designs on CAD and we batted these back and forth discussing materials, measurements and structural forces. You’ll see Kevin’s designs on the tele. The design above is one I produced early on to show the TV production team how a curved beam might sit in a building. It was fascinating to see how the same beams inspired Kevin to produce a completely different form.

I would guess that the design of Kevin’s shed was driven by his commitment to ecological principles, his love of the natural environment and his sense of bold geometry. There are no wind braces in the building; instead we have relied on the skin of 18mm ply externally and 9mm internally which are attached to the frame and stud work. The structural rigidity of the frame comes from a combination of shoulder and lap joints and metal fixings.

Kevin’s design and the project on the ground co-evolved in a leapfrog fashion, each informing the other. We started with a sound plan for the timber frame and an anticipation of other materials needed but remained open to change during the build. This is a very exciting way to work and ideal for the DIY shed builder.
Books for design inspiration: Homework – Author – L. Khan Shelter – Ed. L. Khan.