Adrian Leaman – biog


As a post grad in three-dimensional design I indulged a life of rock n roll touring the uk for 5 years as a drummer in a very noisy band. Some years later after winding up a business designing record covers I spent a year and a half working on ranches and out posts in north and central America. In 1997 after working in Belize as a jungle guide I returned home inspired to study the woodsmanship skills of Britain.

Back in the UK I spent 6yrs with film special effects company Framestore on movies such as Chicken Run, Mission Impossible and Sleepy Hollow. Working part time during those 6 years I became a course junky and devoured every woodland management and woodcrafts course I could get my hands on. In 2002 after many months in the woods helping Ben Law build his woodland house I was inspired pursue this work full-time. Since 2002 I’ve sharing woodcrafts and woodland skills with people from all walks of life.

Professionally I specialise in roundwood and cleft wood buildings. This work can be seen on my professional trading website

reciprocal frame roundhouse by wholewoods


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