Woodcrafts for schools and colleges – Testimonials

Suzannah Walker, Training and Information Officer.
Tower Hamlets Play Association

The training day was an inspirational event. Adrian and Kath took our city based attendees on a day tour of how they could utilise woodland craft and lore into their work with children and young people.
The feedback was resoundingly positive. The hands on and simplicity of the skills were highly praised in particular. Thank you very much and we’ll be using you for training again.

Caroline Kelly, Director Waldorf College
Adrian is a wonderful teacher of the young people aged 16 – 18yrs who attend ‘Bridging the gap’. He brings knowledge, patients and clarity to the sessions, and the working atmosphere allows everyone to get the encouragement and direction they need. I hope Adrian continues to work with us.

“Through coming to do this course I have gained independence. Now I feel like I can do what I want with my life. Before I was going nowhere, now I feel I can go everywhere.”

Jenni 18

“This course has helped me find out loads of stuff I didn’t know about myself and helped me become a lot more self motivated.
Its so good to be in a group of people who are all so different but have come together to do such strange and exciting things”

Rowen 18


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